Thursday, August 10, 2017

72. Celebrating Lean Accomplishments at KOPAKAMA

Aug. 2, 2017
Jean Paul, Ignace, Innocent, describe new quality control process.
KOPAKAMA held a proper celebration to mark the important impact Lean training has had on their cooperative over the past two years. Over 30 employees and members of the coop leadership team have been trained, and three significant KAIZEN events (improvement projects) were implemented by these trained personnel. So on Aug. 2, it was time for a celebration and a little "showing off."

About 30 employees, 15 interns, 20 employee family-members and several honored guests from the local administrative offices attended. The honored guests, including NIYIMPA Gabriel from the NAEB Western office, and MUJAWIMANA Anathalie from the Rutsiro District office, were impressed with what they saw.

The participants were interested to know what was “Lean” and what had the KAIZEN teams done. Participants showed engagement during the tour, for example at reception. Jean Paul, the receptionist, created a small exercise asking the participants to identify which cherries (among an assortment) are “the best”? Even the representative from Rutsiro district was interested to see if she could select the good ones.

Gervais, Operations Manager, presents about Lean and KAIZEN

Issa shares the results of the KAIZEN in the gradage area

Jean Bosco shares about the new system to measure defects from the machine.

Representative from the District Office tries to pick the "good quality" cherry at the reception.
Recipients of a second certificate for completion of a "big impact" KAIZEN project.