Saturday, May 28, 2016

54. Ejo Heza Women Experiment to Grow Margins

May 26, 2016
Ejo Heza representatives L to R: Bernadette, cell leader; Therese, president; Olive, coop advisor.
On May 26 I had the opportunity to make an interesting visit to the women's cooperative, Ejo Heza, which is part of KOPAKAMA in Rwanda's Rutsiro district, Western Province. They are running an experiment on new ways to mulch and weed. For mulching, they are doing "targeted mulching" and for weeding, they are experimenting with cutting the weeds and leaving the weed cuttings on the ground instead of uprooting weeds and carrying them away.

These are two "time-saving" ways of doing mulching and weeding. The women report they had higher profits from coffee in 2015 after they started these methods in their experimental field in January 2015. They have a "control" field next to their experimental field and they are monitoring how well the "targeted mulch + weeds-left-on-the-ground" methods are working.

Plot of experimental trees for the women's cooperate Ejo Heza.

Targeted mulching and "easy" weeding experiment.

A row of trees in experimental field.

Agronomist Gervais KAYITARE stands between two plots - the control (L) and the experiment (R).

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